Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Creating a Masha Bag!!

 So, I was thinking about my cosplay outfit and how it would be a shame if I were to just use my normal handbag whilst I'm at the convention.

I then got to thinking, what if I have a bag that looks like Masha?

So I made one!!!!
It is a little bigger than Masha would be, but if I had made it the proper size, I would never be able to fit anything into it.

This blog will go through how I made it.

The pattern for this bag can be found here:

There is a centimetre guide if you want it the same size as my bag, but you can change the size if you want to have a Masha plush or cushion.
Please don't remove the credits at the end :)

So, this was my shopping list. I bought half a metre of pink faux fur from eBay. This is what else I needed.

Fabric for lining - 1.5 metres. I used pink cotton.
Pink felt - 2 pieces (maybe 1)
Orangey pink - 1 piece
Darker pink - 1 piece
Dark pink wool - double knit, 1 bundle
White felt - 1 piece
1 10" pink zip
Ribbon for the handle. Depending on what you want, I used about a metre and a half or something.

So, cut it all out.

It's cute already!!

Arrange the pieces to match the original design. On the pattern piece, I have drawn out roughly where I placed it.

Okay, so I did a blanket stitch. I know that a blanket stitch is meant for the edge of a blanket, but I really like it and I think it's cute.

I blanket stitched it all on :)

The wings are pretty fiddly, but keep a 0.5cm seam allowance and kind of sew the original shape. I then used jewellery pliers to shape the corners out.

Sew two sides of the ears and turn them inside out.

Place the ears and wings on the face as you want it (I have provided notches so you can match it up if you want). Remember to fold the ears!

And stitch them on. Try and get to the very edge because this is just to keep it in place. You can pin or tack it if you want, but I found this easier.

Also, now's the time to add the pom pom. I picked up a plastic pom pom maker thingy but you can use cardboard if you want. My pom pom maker thingy is 5.5cm long. For the white tail bit, I braided some white cross stitch thread about 20 cm or something. I then wrapped it around the centre of the pom pom and knotted it tightly.

Okay, so I found this very difficult. I actually did it wrong and had to unpick it. I haven't made a bag in three years so I was kind of winging it as I went. I had to google search some tips on how to do it.

Pin the zip as the picture shows.

Then, pin the lining right on top of it. Don't sew yet.

Add the ribbon handle. I did it on the other side of this, but maybe it would make more sense to do it on this side. Pin it into the zip and when you sew, sew over that too.

Then do exactly the same on the other side. It might be a bit fiddly.

Leave an opening on the furry part. Sew around the edges.

Turn it inside out.

 Do a ladder stitch and stitch up the open side. Because I had made a mistake and left an opening in the pink cotton, I had to do one there too T_T

Brush the fur out of the seams and make it look all pretty :)

Okay so I added poppers. I did this for some particular reasons. One, it helps the ears stand, although if you didn't want poppers you can interline it with that glue fabric cotton. But also it acts as a fastening to the bag, so it's harder for people to open it and pinch stuff out of or something. My ribbon is on the back piece so you really do have to unpop the ears from the ribbon to open the bag, and I like that.

Masha bag complete!!!

I hope this tutorial thingy has made sense. I don't do them often. Please feel free to share the pattern but please credit back to me and my site :) Thank you!!!

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